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HRIS Implementation

Human Capital Management at its Highest Level.

HRIS Selection and Implementation

We are different. We support all major HRIS systems, yet we are technology agnostic. Elevation Resources is an expert in the HRIS evaluation process helping you through the selection process. After understanding your requirements and culture, we will identify 3-4 HRIS vendors to evaluate and guide you through the evaluation, demo, price negotiations and selection process. As an added benefit, we find that we often save clients money though our relationships with vendors.
We also have deep experience and expertise in implementation, improving your implementation experience substantially. Because we sit in a unique spot between the client and the HRIS vendor, we remove much of the complication and confusion easing the implementation process. Key features include:

Understand impact of vendor requirements and optimize solution for client

Same person is assigned to manage implementation through day-to-day servicing

Attend implementation meetings with client

Shift substantial amount of implementation activity from client to Elevation Resources

Drive optimization of HRIS by organizing Full implementation / utilization of products and modules. Payroll: HR, Benefits, Time and Attendance and any other purchased modules (expense, compensation, recruiting…)

Elevation Resources enhances the implementation experience taking it from what can be a frustrating process to a more pleasant engagement.

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